Winter Brochure

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2018 Winter Brochure

Market schedule, prices, knife care tips and more.

Thanksgiving Limit

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Shop Sharpening only,

Due to a Thanksgiving rush there is a two knives per customer limit.

Cut off for Thanksgiving sharpening Noon Tuesday.

Garden Club Sharpening

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We are booking dates for 2018 Garden Club sharpening. events.

It can be done concurrently with a club meeting. Members drop garden tools etc off on their way into the meeting and by the end of the meeting their stuff is done. Start the season with sharp tools.

We can sharpen knives and scissors too.

Suggest it to your program coordinator.

Brunswick Every Saturday

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We are at the Brunswick Winter Market Every Saturday thru April.

Our calendar page has the details.

No chainsaw Chains

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We don’t sharpen chainsaw chains

Falmouth Farmers Market hours Change

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November 1st our market hours change.

11;00 Am to 2:00 PM

Every Wednesday thru Thanksgiving

The market runs until Christmas, we are not in the market after Thanksgiving

Fall farmers’ market sharpening

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The fall  farmers markets I sharpen at are open thru November and have lots of products even late into the season.  For the winter I will Brunswick Winter Market . The First week of the Brunswick Winter Market is November 11th. We will have some sharpening venues at garden centers and gourmet cookware stores too.

Our Fall Brochure with a calendar and more.

Our shop in South Portland is open year round.



Maine Knife Sharpening

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We sharpen knives from all of Maine and the rest of New England.

Mail order boxes available.

Hair Shears

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We sharpen basic hair shears (Bevel Edge). We are unable to do convex edge ones. If yours are bevel edge We can refer you to some one who does them.

Care when storing on a magnetic bar.

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When removing a knife from a magnetic bar tip the sharpened edge off the bar first so you don’t dull it.