We are not in the city of Portland.

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We have had a couple of customers recently whose GPS or online map has sent them to Lowell St in Portland in the Libbytown neighborhood.  Some “advanced” mapping devices are unable to distinguish between the two cities. Check your  GPS / map carefully and make sure you are heading to South Portland.

37 Lowell St.

South Portland, Maine

call if lost (207) 210 2559

Use this map if needed. http://tinyurl.com/mn2k8gy

Fiskars Scissor Sharpening

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Fiskars Scissors can be sharpened to a good as new condition inexpensively.

Some local fabric stores are telling customers that they can’t be sharpened.

Not true !

We sharpen lots of them.



A happy email

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I wanted to let you know what  a great  job you did sharpening the hand pruning shears that we actually use as hoof trimmers for our goats.  We had 3 pair of them done (3 different sizes) when you were at Longfellow’s last weekend.

The way I whipped right through trimming – I think the tips of the shears are even sharper than when they were brand new!  Next time you are in the area I’ll  get my sewing and pinking shears done too (I’m really picky about all my cutting tools).

It is a pleasure and certainly more efficient to use sharp tools whether in the barn, the kitchen, or the fiber room.

P. G.



Our Twitter Feed

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Wicked Sharp has a Twitter Feed full of Culinary Treats, history, quotes by famous chef’s, food facts, articles of chef interest and more. Check it out!   https://twitter.com/WickedSharpME

We Sharpen Most Every Edge Tool.

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We have expertise sharpening many items not in our brochure. If you need it sharpened just ask. For example: hoof knives, hoof trimmers, harvesting knives, fly tying scissors, two handle cheese knives, head knives, spades, shovels, floral shears,machetes, tin snips, cable cutters, aviation shears and more…

Knife Sharpening Portland Maine

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Knife Sharpening Portland Maine

Notes from customers

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Thanks for sharpeningup my “old ” hedge clippers. ….they are from 1940′s and they’re just like new. Also my hand clippers and garden scissors. ….wonderful service and price!    A.K.

What a great job these folks did sharpening all my knives and two pairs of scissors. I found them today at the Lewiston Farmers’ Market. Maybe Wicked Sharp can come to Farmington sometime!     D.W.

I’ve never had knives this sharp even brand new. Great job Wicked Sharp! Pick up and drop off at Kitchen and Cork is so convenient with quick turn around.    D.C.D

( The Kitchen and Cork is closed for the time being )

Scissor Sharpening Portland Maine

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Scissor Sharpening Portland Maine

Fly Tying Scissor Sharpening

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We sharpen fly tying scissors on an Ookami Gold Scissor Sharpening machine with  an 800 grit stone. The edge is superior to hand sharpening and the angle is right on. We do a lot of mail order Fly Tying Scissor Sharpening .