Wicked Sharp’s Twitter Feed

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Our Twitter feed has information on Culinary Arts, Knife skills, the local food industry and more.


Winter Farmer’s Market Schedule

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We will be at Winter Farmer’s Markets weekly at the Brunswick Winter Market and the Falmouth Farmer’s Market.

Dates and details  http://wickedsharpknives.com/calendar/



Fall Sharpening Events

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We have two sharpening events this fall.

October 18th

Longfellow’s Green House’s in Manchester, Maine (near Augusta .)



November 16th

Keys to the Kitchen in Kennebunk




Visit our calendar page for details     http://wickedsharpknives.com/calendar/

Sharpening events are great way to attract shoppers to your business. While waiting for us to sharpen they shop. It’s good for both of us.

We still have a few fall dates available.



Summer 2014 Retail Prices

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Shop,  Brunswick & Falmouth.

Lewiston Farmer’s Market prices discounted.


Knives    Standard Sharpening by size:

Pocket knives                 $2.00


Up to 4 $3.00

4” to 6 $4.00

6” to 8 $5.00

8” to 10” $ 6.00

10” & over $.75/inch

Serrated $ 1.00 extra


Household      $4.00

Sewing  Up to 6 $6.00

6” and over $ 7.00

Pinking         $7.00


Pruning clippers  $5.00

Loppers   $6.00

Hatchets and axes $6.00

Grass shears, hedge trimmers $6.00

Rotary Lawn mower blades    $6.00

PAPER CUTTERS   $.75 per inch

Damaged or very worn items  extra charge


Commercial rates on request.


Pickup and delivery on orders of $ 25 or more (Greater Portland)



2014 Summer Farmer’s Markets now posted

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Summer 2014

We will be returning to the Farmer’s Market  at Crystal Springs Farm and Falmouth Farmers’ Markets.

The Falmouth Market has moved to the American Legion opposite the Library.

Details  on calendar page.

Our summer schedule is now posted on our calendar page. We are at some markets biweekly so check the dates carefully.


Brunswick, Farmer’s Market at Crystal Spring Farm

weekly except October 18th

Wednesday afternoon   12- 4 pm

Falmouth, Falmouth Farmer’s Market (new location)

American Legion 65 Depot Road, opposite Library



Sharpening at Farmer’s Markets?

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Many people ask “How is it you are at Farmer’s Markets? You are not a farmer?”









The sharpening of tools used in the production and preparation of agricultural products is undeniably agricultural. We provide a much needed service to both the farmers and shoppers.

Sharpeners at Farmers’ Markets are a tradition all across America.

Check it out on Google.   77,000 hits.





Special Sharpening Events

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We have some openings on weekends to do Sharpening Events at Retailers and Farmer’s Markets. It’s a great way to attract customers to your business. We have done sharpening at Garden Centers, Gourmet Cookware Stores Green Grocers. While I sharpen customer’s stuff, they shop at your business.  Businesses we have sharpened at report an increase in sales.

We have a smaller compact sharpening setup to use in retail shops.

There is no charge to the sponsoring retailer for this service.

Sharpening at Gathering of Stitches, Sunday January 19th

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Noon to 3:00 pm.

54 Cove St Portland, (Bayside behind U Haul)









Wicked Sharp will be Sharpening Scissors at A Gathering of Stitches on Sunday January 19th from 12 to to 3PM. We will be sharpening scissors, shears  and pinking shears on site.  We hope make this a monthly event.

If you sew or you are a textile artist you need to check Gathering of Stitches out. It’s a remarkable place.

I can also do Cutlery or small garden tools. You will have to leave them with me for sharpening in  my shop. I will make arrangements for delivery.

for more information http://wickedsharpknives.com/events/2014-01-19/

video about Gathering of Stitches   http://vimeo.com/68561431


Sharp Knife Skills Save Time in the Kitchen

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by Alison Stewart, NPR

Knife skills instructor Norman Weinstein has as many tips as he does wisecracks. For starters, he suggests upgrading to a larger knife. “Now, the other famous student I had in class was Jimmy Stewart. And when he went from the 8- to the 10-inch knife, do you know what he said?…..

Story with podcast http://www.npr.org/templates/story/story.php?storyId=98572347

Free Bagel from Scratch Baking Co.

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Free bagel from Scratch Baking Co. with $12 worth of Sharpening thru February 28th. Good for sharpening done in our South Portland Shop only. We are 2 blocks from Scratch Bakery . Their Sourdough Bagels are the best.